New for 2016 - Do you have any friends who are slacking this year with their training?  Has life gotten in the way?  Have they become an excellent rider of the Lazy Boy?  Did you forget how to swim in open water? Well, we have something for you.  This year, for the first time, the Musselman Triathlon is offering relays for both the miniMussel and the Musselman.  Help spread the word - share this with your local masters swim team, cycling club, or running club - anywhere one-third of a triathlon relay team might be found!  Please feel free to print the poster below and post it any place that you think would get the word out!

Relay participants can race on Saturday during the miniMussel or make it a longer day on Sunday with the Musselman athletes.  All relays members will follow the same routes as the individual athletes. Here is the trick. You can do this as a two or three person team.

How does this work? You decide who is going to do each leg. While the swimmer is in the pond the biker will be waiting inside of the transition area in a designated spot called the RWA. (Relay Waiting Area) We have created this area to allow relay members to congregate, but to also keep the transition area clear when individual athletes are trying to come and go.  The chip will be the relay baton and each member should place it on their ankle when its their go time.  When the biker receives the chip they then proceed to their bike, unrack it and set off onto their course. We recommend that the swimmer gathers their gear and makes their way out of the transition area at the designated spot.  Now the runner should be in the RWA waiting for their biker to return.  The biker hands the chip off to the runner and he or she runs until they puke, but not on the mats at the finish line.  We ask the biker to remove their gear from the TA and then go and meet your runner at the finish line to get a photo of the puking.

Awards for the following categories: Male, female and coed teams.



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