A dedicated volunteer committee of 15-20 folks creates the Musselman each year. If you have questions or suggestions, please get in touch:

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Whether you've come from lands afar, or live around the corner, I'd like to extend our warmest welcome. A talented and dedicated team of organizers has been readying for your arrival; we're glad you're here.

You'll be amazed at how quickly 18 or 70 miles can pass beneath you. With lakes stretching from horizon to horizon on silver threads, lazy and winding roads hosting little traffic and the occasional horse, and shaded pathways running amidst the fruit and vine of human labor, you have chanced upon triathlon nirvana.

The creation of Musselman has been guided by three tenets since its inception in the winter of 2004. First, and reigning high above all else, is the unending pursuit of the finest athlete experience possible. We want a smile to be permanently affixed to your countenance from the moment you set foot in Geneva.

Second, we've strived to include as many elements of the city, and the surrounding region, as we can. You'll see police and firemen helping you along the way; church groups and civic groups will hand you water during the run; businesses have donated goods and services to make your time here not only more pleasant, but possible. From the pre-race dinner at Hobart & William Smith Colleges to the Border City Underwater Rescue Team and the people of Wegmans, Musselman courses through this community.

And third, but perhaps what makes us most joyful in our daily pursuits, is our commitment to the children of Geneva through this race. Musselman happens but once a year - thank the Good Lord - but its effects persist in the memories of those who become a part of it. Team Mussel is a symbol of what we can do; our annual donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Geneva is what we need to do. By teaching, inspiring, and encouraging kids of all ages, Musselman can outlive itself.

Enjoy your time in Geneva. Thank you for being part of Musselman.