The Finger Lakes Splendor

The Finger Lakes region is within a day's drive of most major metropolitan areas in the northeastern US and eastern Canada.

There are eleven lakes making up the Finger Lakes, many named after tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy. Seneca Lake is the deepest (632 feet), though Cayuga is the longest at 40 miles from tip to tip.

The region is internationally known for wineries, which were introduced in the 60's when the Cornell Experiment Station in Geneva perfected a grafting method to allow European vines to grow in the region's soil. Since then, over 70 wineries have spread along the shorelines of the lakes with the express goal of producing world-class wines.

But the region's possibilities don't end at the wineries. Hiking, biking, agritourism, rock climbing, and paddling will keep you active. In Seneca Falls the women's rights movement took shape, and Memorial Day was born in Waterloo. From local artists and galleries to beautifully restored mansions, the Musselman may be just a small part of your visit to central New York.

Regional resources:

The Finger Lakes Vine

Filmmaker/winemaker Francis Ford Coppola says his two professions are almost the same and that each depends on source material and takes time to perfect.

The big difference: "Today's winemakers still worry about quality."

photos courtesy Jan Regan Photography